Men’s Frames Complement Facial Features

2Every man needs to take into account his own facial features when choosing frames for his eyeglasses. The curves in the frames help offset this man’s square face shape. They look fabulous and don’t detract from his own natural countenance and hair color.

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Adding Powerful Antioxidants to your Diet can Improve your Eye Health

There’s no substitute for the quality of life good vision offers. Adding certain nutrients to your diet every day – either through foods or supplements – can help save your vision… read more

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Cat-Eye Frames

1An oval face is fortunate in being able to carry off almost any type of frames. These cat-eye frames look great on this woman, with their upswept style to complement her cheekbones. They add angles to her round features, which helps her stand out.

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Benefits of Wearing Glasses During Roller Derby

Roller derby is a sport that has empowered women, but it’s easy to get injured. Many players don’t realize how dangerous it can be until after they get hurt. Wearing the right equipment, such as knee and elbow pads and helmets, mitigates some of the damage. Consider the benefits of wearing sports eyewear to protect your eyes.

Eye Protection

Regular glasses are actually quite dangerous in the rink. If you have glass lenses, they could shatter in a fall. Even with a shatterproof lens, most frames cannot withstand the high impacts of roller derby. Sports eyewear is designed with innovative technology to fit your face and not break under stressful conditions. This protects your eyes when an elbow gets too close.

Reduce Glare

Protective eyewear also helps you see clearer and reduces glare from overhead lights. Choosing a smoke or gray lens allows you to see all of the colors so that your vision is not impaired. Check out the options when you visit your optometrist or optician.

Purchasing Protective Eyewear

Even if you don’t need a prescription lens, you should go to an optician or optometrist to find the right sports eyewear for you. It’s important to have the right fit and right equipment for your sport. Prevent Blindness American reports that hospital emergency rooms treat over 40,000 eye injuries every year that are sports related. Don’t be one of the statistics by having improper eyewear while you’re on the rink. To learn more about roller derby goggles in Carlsbad, click here.

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AOA steps up fight against 1-800 Contacts anti-patient legislation

In its ongoing fight against 1-800 Contacts’ efforts that interfere with critical patient safety and public health safeguards while maligning individual optometrists and the wider profession, the AOA is stepping up its call to action among state affiliates… read more

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Glare – How to Deal With It

Glare can be most simply described as excessive light. This can be an annoyance when you want to watch a movie or show on your television or an impediment when you need to do work on your laptop. Fortunately, there are several simple ways that you can deal with glare. Continue reading

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New adult exam guideline available for public review

Comprehensive Adult Eye and Vision Examination, the newest guideline to receive revisions from the AOA Evidence-Based Optometry (EBO) Committee, is now available…read more

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