How Vision Can Affect Your Golf Game

Cheap-Sport-GlassesIt’s no secret that serious golfers are very particular about the equipment they use. For example, you wouldn’t use an inferior or unproven club during an important match. Instead, you look for any edge you can add to your repertoire for the best chance at achieving your goals out on the course.

As you practice and plan, have you given any thought to the role your vision plays in the success of your golf game? Whether your vision needs correction or you see things 20/20, your sense of sight is just as important as your swing, and outdoor conditions can adversely affect your vision. You need to be able to see the club strike the ball, as well as its intended destination, without squinting. Read on for issues to consider before you book your next round.

Best Tints for Golfers

Instead of putting your daily sunglasses (prescription or not) in your golf bag, give yourself an edge by selecting lenses with the tint best suited for the conditions:

  • Brown shades are especially helpful in distinguishing between blue and green shades, helping with contrast and acuity. You can take sunglasses with brown shades along on your baseball and fishing adventures as well.
  • Gray shades are a solid choice for shielding your eyes from too-bright conditions, while keeping colors true. Sunglasses with gray shades are versatile enough to use every day.
  • Shades that are less beneficial for golfers are yellow and orange (unless you mostly golf under cloudy conditions) and shade that are redder in tone.

Expert Help

Just as elite golfers rely on their training and coaches, you can rely on eyewear experts to boost your competitive edge.

To learn more about the sports glasses for your golf game in Oceanside visit this site.


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Jessica is an experienced eye care specialist.
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