Upgrade your style with designer eyeglasses

Everyone you meet looks into your eyes. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, this provides you with an additional opportunity to refine the impression you make and to enhance your style. (Even if your vision is perfect, clear lenses in designer frames are a fun way to do the same.)

Where do you start? It’s always best to visit experts like those at Andrews Optical for a little unbiased, personalized advice. Maybe you don’t know what features you want to enhance. Experts can work with you to assess what works best with your lifestyle and overall look.

Perhaps you want to break out of your existing style and show another side of yourself. Again, the right frames can set the tone you want, with far less commitment than a drastic hairstyle or wardrobe overhaul. Once in the store, try on whatever appeals to you. There’s no harm in trying on a few unflattering pairs, and its fun to test drive different personas. Here’s a tip: Try on the most un-you pair you can find, and see what happens.

Today, your favorite fashion designers offer their own takes on eyeglass style with their own lines. From Dolce & Gabbana to Ray Ban to BCBG, the choices are staggering. It’s a good idea to assess the current state of your wardrobe to determine if you lean toward certain designers. You may find that you prefer one look for the office, and another for date night. For example, vintage-inspired styles can become the focus when you’re wearing otherwise simple ensembles, and sporty styles may be more cute and appropriate at the gym or stadium.

Your lifestyle is multi-faceted. Find a style that works for one large portion of it, and then build an eyeglass wardrobe that takes into account the other roles you play from there. For example, a classic rimless style may be your go-to pair for your no-nonsense look at work. Try supplementing that with a horn-rimmed or cat-eye pair for retro fun. Hipster styles can emphasize your open, youthful side. Large-framed glasses can add an element of drama when you want to be the center of attention. Titanium rims come in countless colors and shapes to project everything from edginess to all-business.

You want to see and be seen in your best light, and your eyeglass wardrobe can help you get there. Take the time to find what works for you, and enlist expert help that doesn’t interfere with your preferences.

For more information on all the options and styles available in designer eyeglasses in Carlsbad, please visit this website.


About Jessica Dixon

Jessica is an experienced eye care specialist.
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