Glare – How to Deal With It

Glare can be most simply described as excessive light. This can be an annoyance when you want to watch a movie or show on your television or an impediment when you need to do work on your laptop. Fortunately, there are several simple ways that you can deal with glare.

1. Find the Source of the Glare

Although glare can come directly from an overly-bright light source, it often exists as a reflection. If you notice glare on your screen, pinpoint the source of the light. By doing this you can often just reposition your computer or close the appropriate blind to remove glare from your television.

2. Check Your Screen Settings

It’s usually fairly easy to adjust the settings on your laptop, computer or television. Go through your settings menus until you find the option for brightness and contrast, and try lowering or raising the settings. Sitting outside on a laptop in the full sun can make the screen of your notebook computer hard to see, so try increasing the brightness. Just be aware that brighter screens require more power.

3. Consider New Window Coverings or Wall Paint

Sheer curtains or blinds may not do much to keep unwanted light out. Check to make sure that your window coverings are adequately thick and cover the window entirely. Another more drastic measure would be to paint your walls a darker hue. White walls, for example, reflect a great amount of light throughout your room.

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