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Adding Powerful Antioxidants to your Diet can Improve your Eye Health

There’s no substitute for the quality of life good vision offers. Adding certain nutrients to your diet every day – either through foods or supplements – can help save your vision… read more Advertisements

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Benefits of Wearing Glasses During Roller Derby

Roller derby is a sport that has empowered women, but it’s easy to get injured. Many players don’t realize how dangerous it can be until after they get hurt. Wearing the right equipment, such as knee and elbow pads and … Continue reading

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Most of our brain is devoted to visual function – 80%, in fact!   So, almost any brain injury – from a cerebrovascular accident, head trauma, aneurysm, brain tumor or neuro surgery…read more

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Upgrade your style with designer eyeglasses

Everyone you meet looks into your eyes. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, this provides you with an additional opportunity to refine the impression you make and to enhance your style. (Even if your vision is perfect, clear lenses in designer … Continue reading

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Contact lenses & cosmetics

With a little practice you will find that putting in your contact lens is a quick and easy part of your morning routine. These simple tips will help you wear contacts safely and comfortably…read more

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Save Your Vision Month eyes the 21st Century

Digital technology not only redefines how people interact with the world, but also how they see it, making it all the more important for the public to make smart eye care…read more

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How Vision Can Affect Your Golf Game

It’s no secret that serious golfers are very particular about the equipment they use. For example, you wouldn’t use an inferior or unproven club during an important match. Instead, you look for any edge you can add to your repertoire … Continue reading

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